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...east of the sun.

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adventure, anatomy, anime, atonement, autumn, avengers, bacteriology, battlestar galactica, bbc, biology, bleach, bones, books, boondock saints, brayton, captain america, cardiology, cats, christmas, chronicles of narnia, coffee, coldplay, comparative medicine, competition, creativity, disney, dispatch, dogs, downton abbey, drawing, dubstep, dune, electronica, enders game, epee, faith, fall, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, fencing, florence + the machine, for aslaaan, forest, foxtrot, friends, game of thrones, grey's anatomy, half marathon, hamsters, harry potter, hawkeye, health, hot chocolate, hot tea, house md, iced tea, iceland, icons, imagination, imogen heap, individuality, instruments, iron man, kicking, kings dragon, learning, link, literature, loki, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, lotro, love, love actually, marathon, marauders, marine corps, marriage, medicine, merlin, military, monty python, mood themes, mountains, movies, music, nano, nanowrimo, narnia & harry potter > twilight, nature, novels, ocarina of time, olympics, outdoors, outside, pets, photography, physiology, piano, pilots, planet earth, pride and prejudice, prince of tennis, professional cycling, rats, reading, research, robin hood, rome, running, science fiction, scifi, scrubs, sherlock, skyrim, sleeping, sparring, star wars, stardust, taekwondo, taking pictures, texas, texas a&m, the chronicles of narnia, the dark knight, the hobbit, the tour of france, the way of kings, thor, tony stark, training, trance, troy, twilight, veterinary medicine, viola, wheel of time series, winter, working out, writing, zelda
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